Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Get with the program!

Sorry for the lack of posts...this time of the year always sees a shift in focus..

Here are some relatively new EP's to keep you going through these tedious exam times:

Noisia & Phace - Program/Regurgitate EP - Massive 2 Track Drum & Bass EP...dont sleep on this one!

Datsik - Hydraulic/Overdose EP New tunage from the canadian Badman.

Foreign Beggars - The Harder They Fall EP More solid tunes from these cats, tearing up the UK and international scene, look out for the Skrillex Collab...

Enjoy for now...more updates soon..including some early Parklife 2011 hype!


Thursday, June 2, 2011


I've been meaning to post this since I discovered the magical jukebox aka Run Dmt's soundcloud...if the name doesn't hook you in already...their tunes certainly will!
Inspired by music from trip hop, rock, dubstep, d&b alongside psychedelic exploration, the duo from Austin, USA have some bangers under their belt already, and are showing no sign of slowing down!

Check out their EP that I got a few weeks back, featuring Dubstep, and Drum & Bass. You will enjoy it...



Grab some of their remixes here:

Mickey Factz - We Young (Run Dmt Remix)

Cutty Ranks - Limb by Limb (Run Dmt Remix)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

30Hz to your chest...

Today I have some Drum & Bass tracks to keep those speakers pounding and pulse rates climbing...enjoy!

Sub Zero - Poon
I waited ages for this track after I heard Sigma drop it live in London last year

Icicle - Dreadnaught feat. SP MC (Right Click, Save As)
Turn up the speakers/sub for this one

Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Dirtyphonics Remix)
I hate to post this track because its been over played to the max, but this remix certainly gives it some kick.

A Sides - One DJ
Tight..detuned low end..epic on massive speakers!

Nosia - Displaced
How the hell do they get those sounds? Certainly masters of the game.

On the lighter side of things.....

Netsky - Storm Clouds
Just such a peaceful tune...liquid drum & bass at its best...

Underworld feat High Contrast - Scribble

Try listening to this without being uplifted...


Keep Watch XXV

Flinch gives us a supreme bass mix of new and unheard dubs.

He alternates between tracks with creative variety, forcing the seizures to begin at around the 12 minute mark.

Flinch - Mishka Keep Watch

1. Kastle – I Know
2. Atlantic Connection -Take My Number
3. TRG & MATT U – One
4. Document One – Clap
5. 12th Planet & SPL – Lootin’
6. Flinch – World On Fire
7. Pendulum – Set Me On Fire
8. Flinch & Villains – Let Me Go
9. Freestylers – Frozen (Cookie Monster Remix)
10. Flinch & SPL – Untitled
11. Zeds Dead – Adrenaline
12. RUN DMT – Hold Up
13. Vaski – Storm Chaser
14. Dom and Roland – Punish Me (Digiraatii vs. Hot Mess Bootleg)

BONUS: Keep an eye on Adelaide boy F3tch's heavyweight tracks. Don't sleep..
F3tch - Rawness
F3tch - Fuck Your Mum
F3tch - The Mask

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zed's Dead Baby....

Finally...some new tracks from none other than Zed's Dead, if you haven't already heard of this duo from Toronto, now is the time to learn!
Apart from their signature basslines which encompass electro, grime and of course dubstep, their chosen source material for remixes is what sets them apart from the mainstream...with artists such as Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, The Moody Blues, Sublime, Blue Foundation amongst others.

Check out 2 new originals and their latest remix:

Zed's Dead - 1975

Zed's Dead - The Twilight Zone

Jason Falkner - Only You (Zed's Dead Remix)

Head over to their soundcloud too for more greatness:



BONUS!! More Drumstep/D&B action from Figure

Figure Feat Whiskey Pete - Cut Throat

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


You probably haven't heard of them....yet! Or the name Mini K might sound familiar to those of you that downloaded massive torrent packs of electro and fidget in the past..
Either way RIOT SQUAD is the newly formed duo of Mini K (Mike Kelly) and friend Kyle Maclean..together the duo are proving that there is much more to them than wobbly basslines as they've extended their production to Breaks, Drum & Bass, and Dubstep amongst others...

Their most recent production comes in the form of a breaks EP soon to be released on LoudRoom recordings, a label that has names such as Frederik Mooij, Aniki, Calvertron, Kelevra, Stupid Fresh, and Hirshee amongst many others!

The EP is chilled out, bouncy and catchy at the same time...check it out for yourself below on their soundcloud...and look out for future posts on this duo!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Monster Mash

So we promised more juicy updates.....

If you ever caught this track by Boy Kid Cloud early last year, you would have appreciated how deliciously devious it was...combining epic trance synths with ear bleeding multiple orgasm inducing drops...I was pretty surprised that they released a VIP of an already awesome track...nevertheless its been getting massive airplay by some big names....check them both out:

Boy Kid Cloud - Flaaavour (VIP Mix) ( Right Click - Save As)

This is the long awaited follow up to Emalkays' 'When I Look At You', arguably one of the most played tracks of its time....it took me a while to get into this track at first...but I thinks its because you really need to have good speakers to appreciate what happens after 'drop the bassss'

I found this one through a 'post on a post of a post of a post' on soundcloud! I really do enjoy that website...anyway, if you have ever watched the movie requiem for a dream....you will appreciate the epic theme song...now with a dubstep twist thanks to unsigned Andy's ILL.

If you don't know who FIGURE is yet...I suggest you get acquainted real soon...the Brooklyn producer's wobbles are amongst the best in the industry...and his recent move to drumstep production has been nothing short of monstrous, as his recent EP Monsters of Drumstep proved.
Check that out HERE, if you haven't already...and download this free track he gave away on Soundcloud (that website is seriously golden)

Enjoy...we'll try keep this thing updated more!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Drop the Bass

Skrillex you fucked up gimp.

A 2010 glitch track that I have been devouring as of late..

I don't know why we haven't posted these Doctor P bouncers yet...

Reasons (Doctor P Remix) - 12th Planet

Sorry if you have these already.. we will update more often!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Apologies for the lack of posts lately...been real busy(lazy)..
Anyway I've been meaning to post this guy for a while, just never got around to it!
MORD FUSTANG, if the name doesn't catch your attention already I guarantee that his epic synths and overall production polish will...I haven't really listened to electro house in such a long time, but If this guy is the future of it, I will definitely find time for the genre once more..
His tracks remind me of the older Deadmau5 that got me into electro in the first place.

Mord Fustang - Milky Way

Most downloads of his tracks have been removed all over the net so I suggest you preview them on youtube, then download from Beatport if you like them.

Alternatively click HERE to sample these tracks:

Mord Fustang - The Electric Dream
Mord Fustang - Super Meat Freeze

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Have some of that!

Some dope releases for you today.. Cop that shit!

Zed's Dead & Omar LinX - Out for Blood ( Tracks been out for a while, but download if u haven't alredy)

Tiesto & Diplo feat Busta Rhymes - C'mon (Jakwob Remix) -[Dubbed out remix of the electro banger!]

Breakage - Fighting Fire (Foamo Remix) [New remix from Foamo, banging Ac Slater style bassline! ]

Download his latest promo mix too for his website launch Foamo.net as he will be playing at Apple bar on March 17th...mark that date because its bound to be crazy!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Have some of this

Sorry, its been a very long time since the last post! But I have some goodies!
From now on instead of blogging all the time with a particular theme(we'll still do this) were going to hit up more frequent posts with an assortment of tracks, mixes and anything else that were feeling.

I have been meaning to post this EP for ages,

Helicopter Showdown - The Wrestler EP (A lot of people in the dubstep scene think that there will be a move against the filthy, and more towards the original sounds of dubstep...until then..let this EP destroy your ears..because thats a guarantee)

Liquid Stranger - Mechanoid Meltdown ( Filthy stuff from Rottun Records, Dubstep & Drumstep)

New Blood of Dubstep - Play Me 2 - (This EP is really dirty and features tracks from Adelaide Dubstep artist F3tch who made it into Beatports top 10 with his track 'RAWNESS')

Enjoy people, and keep posted for more frequent updates!

P.S Don't forget to check out DZ & Chasing Shadows at Live on Light Square - Friday March 5th.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Badman Sounds - DZ & Chasing Shadows

So If you haven't already realised...Adelaide has finally latched onto the bandwagon of filthy and distorted basslines with more and more international dubstep acts gracing our quiet city....
The first upcoming act in a heavy lineup of big hitters is a double bill consisting of DZ & Chasing shadows.
These two are sure fire to create chaos so in order to prepare you for the storm DZ has released Part 1 of his new LP for you to sink your teeth into

Catch DZ & Chasing shadows at LIVE on Light Square - March 5th 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Time for some D&B

I'm surprised I didn't do a Drum & Bass post sooner after my travels were spent downloading/listening to as much of it as possible! Either way I rediscovered the music that got me into DJ'ing in the first place, and its time to share!!

Here are some standout tracks that I discovered whilst on holiday..

DJ Zinc - Wile Out (DJ Marky & S.P.Y Remix) - This track destroyed the d-floor every time it was dropped @ Fabric

Spor - Halogen - Great track off their 'Conquerers and Commoners' EP (get the EP if you can)

Sigma - Stronger ( Epic Tune)

There were too many great tracks to post links to, so I've also put together a quick mix showcasing some of my favourite tracks.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

this sound is UK FUNKY

I came across some interesting sounds during our last venture out to Fabric: London
Whilst the night was predominately Dubstep/Drum & Bass...one DJ/Producer known as ROSKA, was destroying the D-floor with his a unique selection of tempo bending tunes..
These tunes contained elements of glitchy beeps, tech house, tribal sounds and were stitched together with heavy/basslines, breakbeats and elements of grime/garage vocals. UK Funky is far from what one can imagine when thinking of typical 'funky' music...but in a way the structure makes it very danceable, and this was proven by the packed Room 2 in Fabric.

The ability of Roska to seamlessly blend bass heavy dubstep with smooth vibing tech has meant that his very recent Radio 1 Essential Mix has been on replay on my ipod, along with a selection of fresh sounds coming out of this musical utopia......the UK.

Check it out here:

Get a taste of UK Funky & other UK sounds here:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

this sound is TECHNO...

...and the setting is an old power station in Berlin...
if i've learnt one thing from my stay in Berlin..its that they know how to throw down some pounding techno, keeping wide-eyed ravers moving until they retire into the basement area. In the basement, minimal vibes are supported by a relaxing setting of beds, cushions and blankets for those who wish to enjoy the comedown, whilst masked girls perform an eerie dramatic dance on stage in time with the beats...
This was the scene of our New Years and other nights out...dark, gritty, and an experience like none other...

Here I have some mixes from various artists we encountered during our nights out...if you haven't yet been exposed to real techno...now is your chance: