Monday, February 21, 2011

Have some of this

Sorry, its been a very long time since the last post! But I have some goodies!
From now on instead of blogging all the time with a particular theme(we'll still do this) were going to hit up more frequent posts with an assortment of tracks, mixes and anything else that were feeling.

I have been meaning to post this EP for ages,

Helicopter Showdown - The Wrestler EP (A lot of people in the dubstep scene think that there will be a move against the filthy, and more towards the original sounds of dubstep...until then..let this EP destroy your ears..because thats a guarantee)

Liquid Stranger - Mechanoid Meltdown ( Filthy stuff from Rottun Records, Dubstep & Drumstep)

New Blood of Dubstep - Play Me 2 - (This EP is really dirty and features tracks from Adelaide Dubstep artist F3tch who made it into Beatports top 10 with his track 'RAWNESS')

Enjoy people, and keep posted for more frequent updates!

P.S Don't forget to check out DZ & Chasing Shadows at Live on Light Square - Friday March 5th.