Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Creamy Axe Wound


Bassnectar + Deftones. Huge!

Prince (Bassnectar Remix) - Deftones

Dillon Francis has been releasing some heavy remixes as of late.. each with their own original style.
Listen to his remix of Drop the Lime's 'Sex Sax'. It has a liquid cackle as a drop.

Sex Sax (Dillon Francis Choose Your Adventure Mix) - Drop the Lime

The next download is a 6 track Dubstep Ep by Torqux & Twist. While these guys are not new in the game, they have recently started releasing some dubbleshift worthy tracks.
Check it out.

Hotline EP - Torqux & Twist

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So Mr Joel Zimmerman aka Dead-Mow-5 or Deadmau5 if you prefer has been going on a bit about making some dubstep, and a completed track has finally landed.
At just under 10 minutes long, the track is built up beautifully with strong progressive house chords we've come to expect from Mr Mau5. Whilst the dub drop at the 5 minute mark isn't the most mind shattering, the vocals coupled with progressive sounds give a good indication of the variety we can expect from Deadmau5 in the future, and re-iterates his position at the forefront of electronic music.

Speaking of Epic, there isn't a group that does it better than the Swedish House Mafia. If you haven't already heard their 2010 anthem 'One' and the bass heavy Congorock remix..get onto it.
Their most recent release presents all that is epic about these house masters:

Monday, September 20, 2010


I've had these tracks for a while now, but decided to hold back on sharing them..have a listen and you will probably guess why. If you put Proxy, Sound of Stereo and some Rasta vocals into a blender..this would be the disgusting product:

These are two tracks that have a very epic sound/feel to them, a more stripped down approach from Boys Noize from the usual thrash electro blends melodic riffs making it easy on the ears and club friendly.

I don't have a download link for this next track but search hard enough and you will find it, I personally bought it off Beatport two weeks ago because I know its going to be huge! The Qemists do a really good job of making dubstep sounds more accessible with this track.

Check It Out

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just around the corner...

As the 4th of October draws closer and closer, my excitement for seeing these two artists live is reaching ridiculous levels..
People who caught AC Slater and Jack Beats when they rocked Adelaide a year ago will know what to expect, but not seeing these guys smash it live on the festival sound systems would be a crime! To get the blood flowing to your bass heavy, wobbly, filthy inner core's...I have an exclusive mix from Mr Slater himself as well as a Radio 1 Essential Mix from Jack Beats.

GET PUMPED! (Parklife 2010, 4th October, Botanic Park)

AC Slater Parklife 2010 Promo Mix (40 minutes of heavy bass, dutch, dubstep and AC's signature rave sound = MASSIVE)

Jack Beats Essential Mix (A 2 hour mix showcasing some of the very best from these guys as well as their delectable taste for filthy goodness)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Trouble & Bass

Okay, Squire of Gothos have been around for a while.. but it has been only recently that they have produced anything big enough for dubbleshift to post!
At a BPM of 137, both these tracks are a mixture of electro and dubstep.. perfect to mix between genres!!! I realise youth blood has been remixed many times, but I feel that this remix is bigger than both the Sharkslayer remix and the 12th Planet and Flinch remix.

It'll Be Alright (Squire of Gothos Remix) - B.Rich
Youth Blood (Squire of Gothos Remix) - Jinder

The next two tracks are ridiculously heavy dubstep.. so ridiculous that i doubt you could listen to the drop and recognise it as music. Anywho, i present some fucked up beats to you!

Fucked up - Diesel
Wobble Horror - Raffertie

Next is a big dubstep refix of the Jack Beats remix of AC Slater's "Jack Got Jacked". Easier to mix into a dubstep set, the Thrills Dubstep Refix switches things up just slightly.

Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix, Thrills Refix) - AC Slater

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reggae Dubstep

It's all in the title... I noticed recently that some well known artists were putting out some Reggae infused Dubstep tracks and was immediately addicted. I eventually found some artists that actually specialise in Reggae Dubs, and was blown away by the vibe these guys were creating. The combination of the two definitely creates something unique and fresh and as a result I had to put together a Quick mix of some tracks i'm feeling at the moment.
The mix starts slightly heavier but quickly moves into these signature chilled out reggae sounds. Whether you're about to light up a fat spliff or just want to kick back and relax, I present to you:

Excuse Me - Flux Pavillion
Murderer - The Partysquad (Diplo & Jayou Remix)
Vampire Dubs - Doctor P
Rhythm - Jakes
Jah Prayer - DZ
Exodus - Bob Marley (Jamrock Bootleg)
Oh Contrarians - The Spit Brothers
Roll & Tumble - The Spit Brothers (VIP Remix)
Rollin' Riddim - Dubtrash