Monday, May 2, 2011

Monster Mash

So we promised more juicy updates.....

If you ever caught this track by Boy Kid Cloud early last year, you would have appreciated how deliciously devious it was...combining epic trance synths with ear bleeding multiple orgasm inducing drops...I was pretty surprised that they released a VIP of an already awesome track...nevertheless its been getting massive airplay by some big names....check them both out:

Boy Kid Cloud - Flaaavour (VIP Mix) ( Right Click - Save As)

This is the long awaited follow up to Emalkays' 'When I Look At You', arguably one of the most played tracks of its took me a while to get into this track at first...but I thinks its because you really need to have good speakers to appreciate what happens after 'drop the bassss'

I found this one through a 'post on a post of a post of a post' on soundcloud! I really do enjoy that website...anyway, if you have ever watched the movie requiem for a will appreciate the epic theme with a dubstep twist thanks to unsigned Andy's ILL.

If you don't know who FIGURE is yet...I suggest you get acquainted real soon...the Brooklyn producer's wobbles are amongst the best in the industry...and his recent move to drumstep production has been nothing short of monstrous, as his recent EP Monsters of Drumstep proved.
Check that out HERE, if you haven't already...and download this free track he gave away on Soundcloud (that website is seriously golden)

Enjoy...we'll try keep this thing updated more!!

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