Wednesday, May 11, 2011


You probably haven't heard of them....yet! Or the name Mini K might sound familiar to those of you that downloaded massive torrent packs of electro and fidget in the past..
Either way RIOT SQUAD is the newly formed duo of Mini K (Mike Kelly) and friend Kyle Maclean..together the duo are proving that there is much more to them than wobbly basslines as they've extended their production to Breaks, Drum & Bass, and Dubstep amongst others...

Their most recent production comes in the form of a breaks EP soon to be released on LoudRoom recordings, a label that has names such as Frederik Mooij, Aniki, Calvertron, Kelevra, Stupid Fresh, and Hirshee amongst many others!

The EP is chilled out, bouncy and catchy at the same time...check it out for yourself below on their soundcloud...and look out for future posts on this duo!

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